bigstockphoto_Question_Symbol_2045603How many developments does the Cambridge Housing Authority have?
The CHA has 2 developments; Stephen Camper Park and Calvin Mowbray Park located in the city of Cambridge.
Can anyone apply for housing?

Yes, anyone can apply for housing. However, certain categories of applicants receive priority on the waiting list and there are income limits. The number of available units of appropriate size may also effect an applicant’s place on the waiting list.

Where do I get an application?
The forms necessary to apply for public housing are available on this website. You can also stop in the office and complete an application.

What happens after I apply?
You will receive a notice of preliminary eligibility which certifies that your application is being processed and confirms your placement on the waiting list based on the information you provided.  The letter will contain an application and a waitlist check identification number that will be used for ALL future correspondence with the Cambridge Housing Authority.

Does the Cambridge Housing Authority check an applicant’s past history in order to determine if he/she is eligible for housing?

Yes.  The Housing Authority checks an applicant’s past rental history and also does a credit/criminal check to help determine if an applicant is eligible for housing. If an applicant is determined not eligible for housing, the applicant has the right to file an appeal with the Cambridge Housing Authority.

Where am I on the waiting list?

I’ve already applied for public housing and am wondering what my placement on the waiting list or my status is. Is there a number I can call to find out?  Yes. If you are an applicant you may call 410-228-6856 to check your application status.  You may also check your status using a form online.  .

How long does it take to receive an housing offer from the Cambridge Housing Authority?
The amount of time it takes to receive CHA housing depends on the level of priority, date of application, unit size needed and current demand. Therefore, it is very difficult for the CHA to predict how long a housing offer will take.

What will I be expected to pay for rent?

Residents of CHA are expected to pay 30% of their total household income for rent. Residents can also elect to pay a flat rent in the federally funded developments. The current flat rents are:

1 bedroom  - $378

2 bedroom  – $428

3 bedroom  – $478

4 bedroom  – $528

5 bedroom  – $578